February 16, 2021

Pubs and clubs are much more than places where people go to have a drink and catch up with friends.

They are places where like-minded people go to band together for common causes.

A perfect example that occurred at Leumeah Hotel and Campbelltown Hotel recently.

The venues raised $10,000 between them which was donated to the Kids of Macarthur Foundation – one of the many great charities in Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region.

The funds were used to purchase a special wheelchair for Campbelltown Hospital's paediatric unit.

Not only that, it took less than five months to raise the money.

It's an incredible effort that really will make an enormous difference for many children in the local community.

Kids of Macarthur chairman Bruce Hanrahan summed it up best when he said: "Because of the year we've had, our fundraising activities have been reduced to almost nil, so these types of donations are our lifeblood at the moment.

Congratulations again to everyone involved in the fundraising effort – it is a wonderful achievement that really will make the world of difference to many children.