February 17, 2021

It's fair to say the world is a much better place for having people like Guy Blinman in it.

The Campbelltown resident had helped many people with his carpentry handy work.

But 12 years ago, he decided to go one step further.

He decided to enter Parklea Correctional Centre – voluntarily – to help teach inmates about woodwork.

While some people may have looked at it as a daunting task, Guy viewed it as an opportunity to help equip inmates with skills that would help them transition back into to the community once they were released.

Through their work, the inmates have also helped fix, build and create works that benefit the community.

They have made furniture for a local public school, fitted out PCYCs and donated wooden toys to hospitals.

As Guy said in the Macarthur Advertiser recently, he has also benefited from helping the inmates.

"About eight months ago I was in a pub and got a tap on the shoulder," he told the Advertiser.

"It was a former inmate and he said he was working for a builder and had got his life back on track".

Thanks Guy, for you dedication, passion and hard work.