Media Releases


November 10, 2021

Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Greg Warren MP, said Premier Perrottet and his NSW Government colleagues owed residents in Western and South Western Sydney a long overdue apology.


Addressing the Legislative Assembly in the Parliament of NSW yesterday, Mr Warren said the introduction of new tolls/taxes and the blatant discrimination towards the region during the height of the pandemic, would not be forgotten.


“The Premier, he’s lucky he’s got a limo driver because he wouldn’t know how to get to Western Sydney himself,” Mr Warren said.


“Scomo would be more popular at a Bastille Day dinner in Saint Germain than this government is in West and South West Sydney.”


Mr Warren said residents in the region were still reeling from the new toll on the old and congested M5 East Motorway and the futile pandemic support afforded to them by the NSW Government.


Inadequate education, health, community and public transport infrastructure were also creating a further divide between the west and the rest and fuelling that tale on two cities narrative.


“The refusal to establish critical bus and rail links – like a line from the Western Sydney Airport south to Macarthur – only widens that disconnect,” Mr Warren said.


“The refusal to upgrade or build emergency services and education infrastructure such as the Oran Park Fire Station and Gregory Hills Public School, in the electorate of Camden, have dire impacts on growing communities.


“The refusal to address the historic under-funding, under-staffing and under resourcing of hospitals in South West Sydney – as identified by an Upper House inquiry – is also compromising the health and welfare of hundreds of thousands of residents in the region.


“These are the cold, hard facts that residents in Western and South Western Sydney are forced to face every day as a result of NSW Government neglect.”