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July 26, 2018

The dream of Commonwealth Games beach volley matches being played on the shores of Campbelltown have been dashed by the state government.


The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue outlined its plan to push for the western Sydney to host to the 2026 or 2030 games.


As part of that plan, it was suggested Campbelltown would host beach volley matches beside a newly built lagoon on the western side of the Campbelltown railway line.


However, that won’t happen after the state government failed to make a bid for the 2026 games.


Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said the decision not to bid for the games was a big blow for the local economy.


The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, held earlier this year, delivered a $4 billion injection into the local economy.


The decision not to bid for the games came days after the state government announced its plans to host 10 world cups in 10 years in NSW.


Quotes attributed to Campbelltown MP Greg Warren:


“The Commonwealth Games would have provided a large economic boost for the NSW and Campbelltown economies.


“The Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay bypassed the Macarthur region earlier this year, so to host an actual sporting event in 2026 would have been fitting.


“But, the state government’s reluctance to even bid for the games for quashed that dream.


“The ‘10 World Cups in 10 Years’ would be great, but I doubt whether this state government has the expertise to actually execute that plan.


 “I fear the money spent on the audacious ‘10 World Cups in 10 Years’ plan will be wasted when it could have been put to better use if dedicated to vital Campbelltown projects.


 “The federal government spent more than $46 million on an unsuccessful bid to bring the 2022 FIFA World Cup to Australia so you would imagine even more money would have to be outlaid by the state government for a bid to be successful.


 “That amount of money would make a huge difference to a number of much-needed local projects like the safety upgrades on Appin Road, or reducing the $1 million plus maintenance backlogs crippling our local schools.


“If I had $1 for every ill-informed and wasteful project this state government embarked on, I could upgrade Appin Road to a dual carriageway myself.”



Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley


“Hosting the Commonwealth Games could have been a game changer for Western Sydney so this is a missed golden opportunity for the region; clearly the Premier just isn’t interested in delivering for the region.


“A Commonwealth Games could have delivered a wonderful legacy of public transport infrastructure and public housing for the region but that is not going to happen because this government is more focused on its massive stadiums splurge.


“The Premier’s real focus is on knocking down and rebuilding a stadium in Moore Park in Sydney’s east, not in delivering a multi-billion dollar boost for the western Sydney economy and kickstarting infrastructure projects like Western Metro.”



Quotes attributable to Shadow Sports Minister Lynda Voltz


“A Commonwealth Games bid would have provided much needed housing and transport infrastructure for Western Sydney but been a huge boost for sport in the region.


“The Premier and her Sports Minister have dropped the ball and Western Sydney will pay as a result.”