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July 20, 2018

Plans for an extra 335 parking spaces at Leppington train station is a band-aid solution for the commuter car parking crisis engulfing the Macarthur region, Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said.


Mr Warren recently launched a petition – which has already gathered hundreds of signatures – calling for a free, multi-storey commuter car park at Campbelltown train station.


Mr Warren’s petition comes more than three years after Premier Gladys Berejiklian, in her former role as Transport Minister, promised to build 450 more spaces at Campbelltown train station – a project that has never come to fruition.


Commuters can visit to sign the petition.


Quotes attributed to Campbelltown MP Greg Warren:


 “Make no mistake, car parking for rail commuters is a not just a Campbelltown issue, it is a Macarthur-wide crisis.


“An additional 335 parking spaces at Leppington will not alleviate any of the frustrations experienced by commuters throughout the region – particularly those who flood Campbelltown train station on a daily basis.


“Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s 2015 promise to build 450 spaces at Campbelltown train station – which has never come to fruition – would also be insufficient.


“A much larger multi-storey car park where commuters can park for free is what’s required.


“The number of residents in Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly is going to increase exponentially, so the commuter car parking crisis is only going to get much worse.


“I urge every frustrated train commuter to visit my website and sign the petition.


“There is power in numbers so the more signatures the better.


“A free, multi-storey car park would at least provide some relief for commuters before they board an old train with no air-conditioning which is running late.”