Media Releases


July 18, 2018

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren has welcomed funding to install new lights at several soccer fields throughout Macarthur including Lynwood Park – the home of Campbelltown Uniting Church Soccer Club.

Money for the Let’s Light Up Football campaign will come out of the Community Investment Fund, which is a joint initiative between Football NSW and Football Federation Australia.



Quotes attributed to Campbelltown MP Greg Warren:


“Soccer is an extremely popular sport among residents in Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region.


 “Any improvements at our local fields, including new lighting, can only enhance the experience for our local players and inspire the next generation of stars.


“The lights will be installed at Lynwood Park which is home of the Campbelltown Uniting Church Soccer Club, Minto District’s home ground at Sarah Redfern Playing Fields and Eschol Park Sporting Complex – home of Eschol Park Football Club.


“The funding is not only a big win for the teams who call those grounds home, but also players from opposition sides who will reap the benefits of the new lights.


 “Who knows, one day the players at Campbelltown Uniting Soccer Club could go from playing under the bright lights at Lynwood Park, to playing under the bright lights at Anfield or the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – home of Real Madrid.”



Quotes attributed Macarthur Football Association chairman, Darcy Lound:


 “The Light up Football Grant is a great initiative and will give the club infrastructure that is badly needed.


“It will give the club improved training facilities due to better lit fields at night and the club will be able to play night games.


“Congratulations to the Campbelltown Uniting Church Soccer Club being successful with The Light Up Football Grant.


“This will transform the clubs home ground at Lynwood Park.


“This is fantastic news for Campbelltown Uniting Church Soccer Club and will make a huge difference enabling better lighting of their fields.”