Media Releases


November 20, 2020

The NSW Labor has demanded the NSW Government come clean on when construction on the stop-start Spring Farm Parkway project will be complete.
Construction on the road – which will connect Menangle Road, the Hume Motorway and the Camden Bypass – has come to a grinding halt in recent years, with the south-east corner of Liz Kernohan Drive leading to a concrete barrier and pile of dirt – not the Hume Motorway.
There is an urgent need for the road to be operational given the growth in the Camden LGA coupled with the planned new housing estates in Menangle Park and Gilead.
While funding was forthcoming in the 2020/21 budget, there was still no timeline for when stage one or stage two will be complete.
The Government is also refusing to incorporate south bound entry and exit ramps at the Menangle Road/Hume Highway junction, meaning motorists will be forced to go via Picton Road or Northern Road.
The Shadow Minister for Roads, John Graham, said motorists in Macarthur deserved answers.
“The Government has kept residents in Macarthur in the dark for too long regarding this project,” Mr Graham said.
“The Minister for Roads and Transport, Andrew Constance, needs to come clean and be totally transparent regarding the Spring Farm Parkway project.”
Shadow Minister for Western Sydney and Campbelltown MP, Greg Warren agreed: “If Spring Farm Parkway were a cooked chicken, it would be red-raw and bright pink on the inside.”
“This is the very definition of a half-baked project.
“Residents in Campbelltown and Camden don’t want to have to skim through the fine print of budget papers – they just want to know when the road will be open.”
Camden Duty MLC Mark Buttigieg said he was appalled by the lack of progress.
“The government has been dragging its feet with the Spring Farm Parkway for far too long,” he said.
“Before every election they come out to Camden and make a reannouncement regarding the road – then we hear and see nothing from them for the next four years.
“They say Rome wasn’t built in a day – well, at this rate, it’ll take decades for Spring Farm Parkway to be complete.”