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October 28, 2021

Western Sydney has lost 80,000 jobs in the period from September 2020 to September 2021, it was revealed at NSW budget estimates on Wednesday.
The Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres confirmed “a tick over 80,000” jobs had been lost in Western Sydney during the 12 month period.
The job losses in the region account for more than 41 per cent of the state’s total job losses during that time.
Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Greg Warren said the shocking figure exemplifies the Government’s neglect of the west and south west of the city.
Greg Warren said:
“Residents in Western Sydney felt the brunt of lockdowns far worse than any other region throughout the state – and these numbers confirm that.
“The Government knows about the devastating number of job losses in Western Sydney yet it has no plan help get those residents back into the work force.
“Communities look to their leaders during times of crisis but it’s clear the NSW Liberals can’t offer that leadership Western Sydney craves.”
It follows an embarrassing exchange at budget estimates when Minister Ayres was unable to answer how the Government will pay for its signature Western Sydney policy WestInvest, or how many jobs it would create.
David Harris said:
“This Government is pouring billions into the WestInvest Fund yet the Minister couldn’t even say how many jobs that will create in Western Sydney.
“This proves the NSW Liberals are completely out of touch with Western Sydney.”